Vignobles Villemon

Vins de BORDEAUX - notre passion...
3, lieu dit Ménardie 33660 GOURS Gironde, Aquitaine FRANCE
T +33 (0) 557 401 847
Mob. Daniel +33 (0) 644317425
Mob. Emilie +33 (0) 687093068


Working at the Vineyard

In an effort to help people who have a genuine interest in the running of a Bordeaux vineyard, we are open to work experience candidates from all over the world.
The work varies throughout the differing seasons and can range from extremely physical to light and delicate!

We have already had a number of successful stage based workers some of whom have gone on to professional careers in the wine business.
Nationalities include NZ, FR, UK, ESP, VN


If you are a group of people, professionals or otherwise and wish to assist using the occasion as a team building exercise feel free to contact us for details
Contact us without hesitation for more information.

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