Vignobles Villemon

Vins de BORDEAUX - notre passion...
3, lieu dit Ménardie 33660 GOURS Gironde, Aquitaine FRANCE
T +33 (0) 557 401 847
Mob. Daniel +33 (0) 644317425
Mob. Emilie +33 (0) 687093068

Château Villemon

We are a family run and owned vieyard – everything from the planting of baby vines to the pressing of skins is done by us….we find that owning every step of the process is the only way we can guarantee the quality of our wines.  Using traditional tools allows us to hand make wine, this doesnt mean we arent pushing the envelope in terms of innovation, but what it does mean is that we are not an industrial production. 

vignobles villemon

History - Vineyard & Village

Situated in the village of Gours (Gortz in Occitan) which makes up part of the “Canton de Lussac” one of the satellite “Cantons” of Saint Emilion – where vines have been grown since the Gallo Roman era….Modern vine management and winemaking in Gours dates back to at least the1850’s according to local family trees of vignerons. Chateau Villemon which sits on the southern-most hill of the village enjoys a south banking exposure to the sun which helps ripen the grapes throughout the long Bordeaux summers. Since 2012 Dan & Emilie Grover-Godefroid have regenerated the property into a modern working vineyard using local knowledge and international practices. With an “all hands on deck” approach we have managed to adapt to climate change and navigate the last ten years working with friends and local experts.

Vignobles Villemon

Family Approach

Living on site changes everything in terms of how you work a vineyard – Dan, Emilie, Lucie & Max make up the young family that live through the good times and bad (Hail & Frost are the biggest challenges). Climate change is real in our business as it is in many others and we are trying to adapt as best we can however the reality of more frequent disturbances to the growing season means more emphasis on “vintages”. We believe our ability to react faster to changes and remain nimble in the face of climate change gives us an edge over larger vineyards focused on quotas and industrial production. Key elements: Traditional Proven Materials – Modern Techniques – Sustainable Biodiversity

Vignobles Villemon

Tools Old & New

Since we began renovating the winery which has the capacity to store up to 120,000 litres (3 vintages), we quickly realized the strong points in some traditional tools which date back to the 1950’s and the necessity to modernize others. For example different vats react very differently to temperature changes i.e. Stainless steel vs stone vs wood, we try to find the best ways to navigate modern wine making - blending not only the different types of grapes but also the machines and tools we use to complete the wine making process.

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