Vignobles Villemon

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3, lieu dit Ménardie 33660 GOURS Gironde, Aquitaine FRANCE
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Vignobles Villemon


Cross pollination between plants and insects is nothing new, however the proper management of land that is used to harvest any kind of fruit or vegetable is delicate to say the least.

Vignobles Villemon

Sustainable Land Management

At Vignobles Villemon a strategy has been under way since 2012 in order to help our vineyard flourish in more ways than one, the cross pollination of insects/animals and their surrounding flora and fauna helps sustain a biosphere that is both advantageous to the current growing season and the sustainability of grape production long term.

The vineyard has a total land area of 20 Ha – the planted area designated to vines is 8.07 Ha – therefore leaving nearly 12 Ha to woodland, forest and meadows. This allows us to manage the “wild land” and avoid deforestation which in turn damages the biodiversity of the vineyard.  The industrial/commercial option would be to simply drop the trees and plant more vines however as mentioned where would all the butterflies come from.

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