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Our Wines are ‘Hand Picked’ ‘Hand Pressed’ and bottled at the Chateau, this is a process much different to machine picked and hyrdraulic pressed, why do we do what we do? We think you will taste the difference – a bit like wearing a tailored dress or suit made by hand with natural hand made cloth vs a machine pressed alternative. 


A local vineron once said “fruit that is injured will begin to ferment and oxidize bringing unwanted acidity to the fermentation process”.  He used the example of an apple that has been bitten into then placed on a metal countertop….the result is the apple turns brown (oxidization) in an un-controlled environment.  Machine picking of grapes has a similar effect therefore we chose to do differently.

Grape Variety

A quick note on why we grow what we grow!

Not all grapes are equal in the same soil and climate (terroir), whilst some winemakers will tell you that a huge variety of grapes is a good thing, we believe otherwise – Why – it is impossible to have fruit maturity at the same time or similar across many different varieties planted in the same environment. This is principally due to the unique characteristics of each variety – therefore some varieties will be picked ‘green’ or unripe.

Specialization and the endeavor to perfect a few varieties allows us achieve much better maturity and overall grape quality
“great wine can only be made with great grapes”.


With regards to barrel aged wine – the underlying quality of the barrel itself is extremely important. To put it simply – imagine pouring great wine into a dirty dusty cracked glass and expecting it to taste good! The integrity of the barrel and its ‘health’ plays a huge role….wood/oak is a living thing and requires looking after properly as does the wine that is inside….choosing the right barrel for the right wine is likewise very important, we @ VV work with the best coopers to achieve what ultimately is a harmony between ‘fruit and forest’!

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